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Welcome to the ASA of Baltimore

American Subcontractors Association (ASA) of Baltimore, a non-profit trade association, was established June 12, 1967 to address the business problems that affect subcontractors of all trades. We are a chapter of the American Subcontractors Association, which is headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Founded in 1966, the national association serves more than 5,000 member companies through a nationwide network of local and state chapters. It has succeeded in becoming the pinnacle of subcontracting organizations across the country.

As of June, 2010, the Baltimore chapter listed 123 companies as members. About 76% of those companies were subcontractors and/or manufacturer/suppliers of construction products and equipment. The other 24% of our members provided professional services to the subcontractor. ASA members are both union and non union contractors and include all of the specialties, from excavation through roofing. We do not concern ourselves with technical matters or labor relations-- we leave that to the specialty trade groups. Our emphasis is on helping our members run their business more effectively and profitably.



Assisted by its lobbyist, Bruce Bereano, ASA of Baltimore won a huge victory for all subcontractors when the Maryland State legislature passed a Senate Bill 140, which took effect on July 1, 2013. This new bill limits retention from contractors and subcontractors on all public projects in the State to a maximum of 5% throughout the entire project.


Don't sign a contract containing the 10% retention for 1st 50% of project language! Many General Contractors will tell you they never heard of such a thing. Keep a copy of this bill with you to educate them!


Click here to download copy of Senate Bill 240

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